Brookline, NH off Rte 13

Hiking, stroller friendly, easy walking on some trails, mountain biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, can x-country ski on some trails. Snowmobiles in certain areas.

I had driven by this trail head on Rte 13 many times and finally stopped in, one end of summer morning.  My curiosity had been peeked because not only were there often many cars parked in the trail head lot, but during the summer while kayaking with my daughter on Potanipo lake, we noticed a beach with a trail leading to it. Our assumption, which turned out to be correct, was that somehow the two were related.

Since that fine day when I first ventured on to Palmer Bartell, I have returned many times and have accessed it from both ends. It is a wonderful hike, much of it rail trail, with side trails to give a bit of cardio should you so want it.  The Bartell trail is easy and stroller friendly.

During the off season, when camp Tevya is not in session, you can access the trail from their entrance on Mason Rd, near the Rte 13 intersection.. This is interesting as you get to see up close the camp cabins, and all the extra-curricular out buildings that go with a summer camp.  Please be sure and keep your dogs on leash and clean up after them in the camp section. Bags and trash receptacles are provided.

I prefer the Rte 13 entrance as you are in the woods. The Bartell trail leads to the rail trail, or you can explore the many offshoots.

Or, follow the rail trail through swamps, by wonderful ponds with old cabins and dams, beautiful little bridges, rock formations and woods. The joggers I have met on the trail are exceedingly friendly and often know the trail like their back yard. I have gotten some great tips from them as to which trails to take.

This area is maintained beautifully by the Brookline Ice Breakers snow mobile club. They have signage throughout. Maps are available with membership. With all the great work they do, I highly recommend joining them, or any of the snow mobile clubs in your area. They really do a great job keeping the trails open and well marked.

The main trail is great for bikes, horses, hikers in the summer and the footing is smooth and easy to traverse. Snowmobiles help make the trail great for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. As there is a lot of water, bugs can be bad in the buggy seasons, so come prepared. If you chose to take the rail trail I think the Eastern part is the prettiest. It gets a little industrial closer to Tevya, but worth it to access that small beach on the back side of Lake Potanipo, where many locals let their dogs swim, or stop for a picnic and a dip.

I got a bit carried away taking photographs of this great network of trails, and am still wending my way through them, so I am sure I will have more pictures and more adventures.