Hiking, snowshoeing. Moderate.

Parking is near Merrills 4 corners, on the dead end section of Jacquith. A beautiful spot even if you don’t hike. Charles Merrill was a long time summer resident.

I found this ruin fascinating and hope to find out more about it. Whoever built it had an artistic flair. There is a foundation next to it. The Harris Center parking is next door. Easily fit 4 or 5 cars. Most I have seen were two. Did not meet anyone on the trail.

You will come to an immaculate 1790 cape with Skatutakee and Thumb as a backdrop. (Check out my blog on both). The scene is out of Hollywood. A gate tells you not to park there courtesy of HFD Harrisville? Hancock? fire dept.

If they need to get up the very unimproved road, they have some work to do.

And it bounces! 70 and still a kid.

My original plan was to follow Jacquith. Will return on  snowshoes. It follows a ridge along a hollow and is quite beautiful. But Very rocky and buggy.

Jacquith to the trail head of the Cobb Hill trail goes by some great foundations

More info about these residences to be learned.

The old road travels by some vernal pools.

Through some beautiful woodlands

To the Cobb Hill trail. Time for cardio. This is a climb and there is not much to appreciate until you reach the beautiful lane at the top.

The Cobb Hill trail is a means to an end. According to Meade Cadot it was designed to gain access to the Jane Greene trail. It also leads to an old road with some great foundations I shall return to explore.

A taste of adventures to come.

Enough of wandering. Back to the hike as planned. Up to the Jane Greene trail. I am a chronic wanderer and this day my  detour turned me right at the top of the Cobb Hill trail. Well behaved hikers, staying on task should go Left. A bit down the lane and you will come to a Harris Center sign.

Trail is narrow and marked with white dots.

And more climbing through some beautiful woods.

To an unexpected view.

It was a toasty day, and even with the psychological coolness of Christmas decorations on the tree, Ruby and Rusty needed a break.

And so, after a short snack and water break, we headed back down.

We did see some fun things on the way back down.

Map update to come.

I can’t wait to go back and explore the old road but I best be patient and wait for the leaves to fall. Anyone up for an adventure? Would love company.

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