Miki's Picks

Join me as I hike the trails around Southern NH.

Nagog Orchard Trail and Sleeping Indian Trail

This is a wonderful little trail only about 10 minutes from my work. I love to zip over for lunch when I feel the need to get out into the woods. As a history major, this trail and it’s history of the sleeping Indians fascinates.

Thanks to the Littleton, MA conservationists who steward this trail. For more trails in the Littleton area check out their trail guide. https://littletonconservationtrust.org/Trail_Guide.pdf

This trail network has easily accessible parking and is a relatively easy hike through the woods. Just a bit off Rte119 in Littleton, on the back side of the Nagog reservoir. If you have time afterward there are a couple of great pubs across 119 in the shopping center.

Looking forward to exploring this trail further after the ice melts.

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