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Join me as I hike the trails around Southern NH.

We are part of everything

Many years ago I developed an educational program to teach children about their environment.  Given the changes in our lives these days it seemed fortuitous to revisit. We will start small. The goal is to make this fun as well as educational. 

Let’s start with a scavenger hunt. See how many of these items you can find.

1. a magnifying glass

2. binoculars

3. an easy one. a camera, cell phone will work.

4. tape measure

5. a notebook

6. paper

7. coloured pencils or crayons.

This will get us started. Put what you find in a box or maybe even a backpack and let me know what you find.

Now to add to the fun. Here are two pictures of leaves. Can you see the difference in the colour and in the veins?

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