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Join me as I hike the trails around Southern NH.

Meet My Hiking Buddies

Ruby and Rusty are my heart dogs. It took two, to replace my Cavalier King Charles, who left me all too soon. His heart was just too big.

He left us at 8 years of age.

My husband and I have adopted many English Setters from A&B Setter rescue. https://esrescue.org/our-dogs

He is an Upland game hunter and pointing dog trainer. A&B Rescue dogs have turned out, mostly, to be great hunters. However, once in a while, there comes along that one that steals your heart, but is afraid of birds, or, in Ruby’s case, the one that just doesn’t fit.

Ruby was a “courtesy post”. Her foster mom had fostered a bunch of Setters. Ruby was rescued from a Kill Shelter. Her time was almost up. No one wanted a black AmStaf with big ears and Jurassic paws. I was looking for a Doberman, but after being scammed on Petfinder, I decided to go to the rescue I knew. And, Ruby had been haunting me.

Those big goofy ears and Jurassic paws.

Ruby has turned into the best trail dog I could ever want.

Then came Rusty. We got an email from Ruby’s amazing foster parent that there were two English Setters coming into Boston from TURKEY! and would we meet them at the airport? They needed temporary fostering.

After enduring a 16 hour flight and airport delays, they arrived. Rusty, (Pax) had already, I believe, stolen my heart from his photo, but my husband liked his travelling companion. Circumstances, (dog running under the car to hide from gun shots) gave me the chance to keep (Pax). His rescuer said he was found in the forest, emaciated, dehydrated and full of sticks and burrs. She had to body clip him.

The other lucky, gun shy Turk, now happily lives in CT.

My husband wanted to rename Pax; Red. Google translate told me this meant REJECTION in Turkish. So he became Rusty. In fact, when he first arrived we had to use Google Translate to communicate with him. “Come” translated to “Gel” “Sit” was “Otur”. I am pretty sure we failed the pronunciation, but it seemed to work.

My Rusty Red has his own passport!
His coat has grown back beautifully.

Both dogs have a curious nature. While on the Crotched Mountain trail it was evident Ruby learned her lesson, as she avoided the porc. https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/mikicc.org/756

That remains to be seen.
Photo by Free Nature Stock on Pexels.com

Ruby and Rusty are best friends and inseparable. They live with our other two rescue setters, who do hunt.


Travel with us as Rusty, Ruby and I go through the woods together. Check out the rest of my blogs:

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We would love to hear about your hiking companions. Send us pictures and a little history and we will add you to our posts.

Thank you to Hydroflask for keeping us hydrated https://www.hydroflask.com

and Ruffwear dog harnesses https://ruffwear.com/collections/dog-harnesses. I love Ruby’s harness!

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