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Join me as I hike the trails around Southern NH.


Migrating geese in Turner’s Falls, Ma.

With little snow, until today, my focus has been more on the birds I see and hear. Though it seems the woods are very quiet this year. Perhaps because they are all at my feeder?

I hear a lot of Rose Breasted Nut Hatches, the occasional Crow,or Chickadee while far afield, and the when lucky, our resident owl.

I have a great app I use: Birdnet, from the Columbia School of Orinthology. When I hear a bird, I whip out my phone, open the app, and identify the bird call. Now I am beginning to recognize some of them!


And a real treat: http://earbirding.com/blog/author

Nathan Pieplow loves spectagrams and recommends Song Sleuth. I love how detailed the spectagrams are. Free download in app store.

I had signed up for what turned out to be an amazing seminar. “For the Love of Birds” Organized by Kristi Dranginis. A benefit to being self employed, I can now fill my brain with what interests me.

One of the presenters was John Muir Laws

He talked about Journaling and how to sketch birds. His website is FULL of useful information. Two years ago my adorable husband gave me a leather bound journal. It finally has a raison d’etre and I look forward to inserting my terrible drawings along with my observations.


Another gem popped up on FB. The Minnesota Conservation Volunteer page. A drawing of multitudinous birds, and. when you click on them, you hear their song. Supposed to be for kids. I love it! Had to put my earphones on. The bird dogs were going crazy!.


I got to listen to Paul Bannick. He has such enthusiasm for nature, conservation and his photography. Check out his website.

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Paul Bannick Photography

Dr. Pepper Trail is a Forensic Orinthologist. Wow talk about fascinating. Unfortunately he is usually tasked with illegal bird detection. Did not know it was illegal to possess migratory bird feathers! Even if I find them on the ground, in the woods! If I end up in jail, hope someone will bail me out. He also initiated and directs the Feather Atlas of North American Birds. Way cool. Take a look. http://fws.gov/lab/featheratlas/

One of my other favorite contributors, and possibly because of my recently completed tracking course, was Casey McFarland. I would love to take a course from him, but he is mostly on the other side of the Mississippi. However, a new book is coming out, which I shall definitely add to my library: “Peterson Field Guide to North American Bird Nests. When we are Upland Hunting and I get bored. I start taking photos of nests. I shall have no excuse not to track down the builder.

Robin’s nest by barn.

I had heard of Julie Zickefoose. But now, thanks to Kristi’s Festival, I am enthralled by this painter/writer/naturalist. She has inspired me to photograph the many blue jays at my feeders.


My naturalist life is expanding. Being laid off was such a gift. Every day I am blessed with the time to learn more. I am sure I will have more cool stuff to relay. Make sure you follow me to get up dates.

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