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Join me as I hike the trails around Southern NH.

What’s in your pack?

Pack not meaning your pure bred or rescue dogs.

In this case, what you take with you on the trail.

Next month I hope to be in the wilds of Maine taking a tracking course with Dan Gardoqui http://www.leadwithnature.com/

While I am out exploring the woods often, the impending trek made me reconsider what I carry with me while out with Ruby and Rusty.

Since we only do day trips, mostly 4 to 6 miles, it isn’t really necessary to pack a lot. With my impending tracking course a back pack might be added, mainly to carry snow shoes. Wishful thinking that there will be snow.

I carry my pack in front for easy access. Note trash bag. An unfortunate necessity. Photo courtesy of Gina Goff who is always sneaking pix of me.

My day pack is super comfortable. My 30 year old L.L.Bean pack got chewed by a dog, luckily found this one at Goodwill. Now on it’s third year.

Can I attach snow shoes? Will have to work on that.

I ordered from Cheshire Horse, a Ruffwear pack for Rusty Red. Not sure what I will impose on him. Would love input from those of you who use them.

So here is my inventory;

Here are a few of miki’s picks:




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