Aloyisious was dead. Our perfect Ginger cat could not be replaced. Not only were there no perfect gingers out there, but we had recently adopted an English Setter who was marked as “not good with cats”. 

Then, my husband lost his battle with cancer. 

Ironically, a few weeks later at a friend’s farm; “come, meet my new barn cats” It did not take long for me to fall in love and I told her “If this kitten’s mother ever has another litter, please let me know. With regret and sadness, I put the little motorized ball of fluff back on the barn floor. I knew I had met my heart kitten. I even toyed with the idea of naming him after my recently departed husband. I had finally found the perfect ginger, but he was not to be mine. Resigned, never to have another, I went home to my dog-filled house. 

Smoke, Rusty, Ruby, Buddie

 “The minute she walked into the barn, she was mine. There was a sadness about her; it was my destiny to remove it. Pushing my brother and sister aside, I plotted my course. “Am I not the cutest, fluffiest kitten you have ever seen?” An added little “mew”, humans seem to melt on mews, had the perfect effect.  Nailed it! She bent down and picked me up off the dusty wooden barn floor. Then, the motor treatment.

Melting into her arms, my purr was probably disturbing the fowl in the lower part of the barn. I had her, she was mine! This boy was not hunting rats in a barn in this lifetime. But what is this? She put me back down on that old wooden floor.

It seems, while I had her convinced, the person who got me to be her barn cat was not going to let me go. A BARN CAT! Imagine, me, a barn cat. My father was a Maine Coon.

The disgrace. As she left, her sadness became my own. My brother and sister felt as slighted as I. But we had a plan. We put on airs, strutted around the stables, jumped out of the way of every mouse and rat, and managed to get pecked by the nasty chickens and chased by the ducks. Not to mention avoiding the sheep altogether. It was obvious we were not barn cat material, we would purr and cuddle at every chance.

But what was this? The sad lady was back. Again, she picked me up, but she was smiling. We snuggled together. I had missed her. This time, though, she didn’t put me back down. She held me close and put me in a car.

I had heard cars were scary, but this car was taking me away from the barn, and so many sights to see out the window! Too much excitement made me tired and I curled up on her lap and put the purr back to work. She was taking me out of the car. Was I going back? This place smelled of food. She placed me in a cart and took me to buy a harness and leash.

In blue. I love blue, goes well with my ginger coat, though my long hair covered them up pretty well. I was “stylin'” Someone asked my name, “Well, he’s not a dog.” Remember, she had four rescue dogs at home. And so, I became Nottadog. Notta for short. We arrived at my new home. While I was only about 3 pounds of powerful fluff, those 45 pound dogs would soon see what a heavyweight I was.

Making myself as big and fluffy as possible and raising my extremely large and amazing tail straight up for added height, it was soon obvious to them that the King had arrived.

“That bed is mine”

“Yes your highness” Excuse me, I am eating here” “Oh we can wait, your greatness.” Teach them while you are small, that is what my dad used to say. My sad lady laughed at my antics, took lots of photos of my disastrous trips too far up trees, giggled when she had to help me down.

Of course, all an act on my part to make her smile. She always carries snacks when we are out for a walk, with my blue harness and leash, and she is very proud when I come when I am called. You might say, I am a human whisperer.

 I hope someday to be an influencer and teach other cats the benefits of walking on a leash, riding in cars, going into stores. Did you know there are stores with cages of birds, just so cats can stare at them? There are even fish tanks to watch.

So far my person has only posted two videos. Really? I deserve more notoriety.

She now thinks she can convince me to like kayaking.

Follow, like, and comment and watch for my next adventure. Til then. Nottadog.