Mason, NH

This almost one mile trail has just about everything you could want for a wander in the woods.

Ample parking is available at the end of Scripps lane, off Brookline Road. Follow signs for Mason Hollow Nursery. Wander down the dirt lane. Mason Hollow Nursery is worth a stop on the way back, especially if you love Hostas . Seasonably open.

From the parking lot, the trek down to the rail trail is a little rocky and very icy in the winter (grippers a must). It leads to the 4 corners junction. At the bottom of the hill you will see a trail in front of you. The trails are well marked by the local snowmobile group. There are signs indicating the Quarry Loop trail, as well as to Mason Town center. The rail trail runs from Townsend MA to Greenville, NH. But we are here for the Quarry Loop.

I like to start by taking the trail toward Mason. Turn off the old road when you see a trail to your right with an orange road barrier. This leads to the quarry. I prefer this way as it goes by quiet streams and marshes. Keep an eye out for moose as there have been a lot of sightings in the area.

As you approach the Quarry you will see remnants of the old buildings as well as many interesting cut stones strewn along the side of the trails. If you head straight you will reach the old Quarry and if the bugs will let you sit and enjoy the beauty, the history, and the quiet, unless the locals are there swimming. FYI the Quarry itself is closed to non residents and police do take notice.

There is an old road that heads off to the left and goes up behind the quarry. It is worth the trek and eventually heads back down to the rail trail, but that is a 7mile loop and we are only interested in the short loop today. Turn your back on the high granite walls and head back toward the rail trail. When you reach the rail bed, take a slight detour to the left and look on the right for the monument to a couple of fallen quarrymen. It is getting worn with the weather but if you look hard you will see it. Their fellow workers etched it into the rocks rising out of the ground beside the trail.

As you turn and head toward Scripps lane on your right is a pile of granite where you can sometimes see porcupines. There are porcupines in the area so be on the lookout if you are with your dog. There are also a lot of horseback riders that use the trail, and they appreciate it if you contain your dog as you go by. Bikers and hikers, snowmobilers, skiers, dog sledders. The trail is used and enjoyed by many all year round. No motorized wheeled vehicles are allowed. Continue through the orange road gate and the trail back up to Scripps lane will be on your left.