Sometimes GPS is a window into a surprisingly close adventure. While driving to the market with my lovely rescue dog Ruby, I thought it would be great to slip in a hike. I googled trails nearby and Tucker Brook came up. We parked in the off road, under the power lines parking lot and wended our way to the trail head. It is bit sketchy to get to from the lot, but doable. This is a dog friendly trail and I was educated with the marking of dogs with ribbons. see below photo. I wanted to see the falls and while crossing a bridge, thinking I must be close I ran into a couple also looking for the falls. Note to all, the falls are to the left, poorly marked trail tends to lead you up stream to the right. The trail to the right pulls away from the creek and hence the falls. While a nice hike it was not what I, or the couple I ran into, were looking for. As Ruby and I left after exploring the woods, where some logging had been done, I decided to take a right, head downstream, and see where it led. Low and behold, THERE was the falls, and worth every step previously spent looking for them.