To me, every day is Mother’s Day. Though it always makes my day to get a phone call. Any day.

This Mother’s Day started out poorly. As a widow of less than a year, some days are just meh. The day was one of those.

There are many reasons one can go into a funk. No response from texts sent to children days ago, lack of sleep due to dogs treeing bears at 3am. Or lack of sleep from dogs wishing to run with the coyotes. Perhaps the huge debt left to me by my adorable husband?

Whatever the cause, I was determined to pull myself out. I chuckled with James May in Japan as I ate my cheese omelet and Trader Joe’s English muffin. It helped, but there were dishes to do.

Cleaning the kitchen and taking all artwork off the dividing wall slated for demo helped.

A chat with my hard-working son helped.

But a text from a friend, to meet at a trailhead was what I needed. Abandoning all chores, I loaded Ruby and headed out.

We traversed a rickety boardwalk to wander along streams, through downed trees left over from a hard winter. And barren pine forests.

There were signs of spring to lift the soul.

Groups of Trillium.

I have never held the gastronomic love for these other New Engladers have.

And the joyful bright green of new Beech leaves.

There were Hobbit houses.

And strong, determined trees.

And best of all, resting by a moss covered stream receiving kisses from a perfect dog.

The healing was not over. A promise to visit a friend had me adding setters to the truck and heading out again.

We giggled and laughed for two hours, and then I headed out to collect ticks on their farm. The Setters are free to run the many fenced acres. I promised to deliver a message.

Message delivered: “Tell her I love her”

As we walked back down the hill my joy was back. Nature does that for me.

The phone jingles. It is my daughter. My day is complete.

Crosby Stills Nash and Young play, I sing along badly and dance alone in my tiny kitchen.

Thankyou Mother Nature, friends who call for a hike, amazing children, perfect dogs, and friends who make me giggle.

This sums up my day.