From the age of 7 and while living in CT, my German Shepherd, Pooh, and I spent hours and miles tracking deer. it was exciting for a young girl and her dog to wander the deer trails.

Now I walk over deer trails in search of other game to follow. except when they show up in my yard.

A friend and I had planned on tracking the moose we had seen traversing our trail a week prior. So, with my intrepid Ruby, I met Linda and we headed into the woods hoping for some Moose stories. We got to location one, no moose. Location two, no moose, in desperation, location three, no moose. I was frustrated and disappointed. Linda was patient with my impatience.

The woods always have tales to tell however, and there were other tracks and sights to observe.

This little track showed up near a small pond. I think it must be weasel? Any input would be welcome.

And, we found other fun things to admire. Like this little house complete with an awning.

And future homes for decorating as one sees fit

So, no moose this day. The snow will last for a while, hopefully, and soften enough to produce some wonderful tracking in the next few days. We will be out exploring and as always, just taking in the beauty that is Southern NH.

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