Easy woodland trail. Home to deer, bear, coyote, owls. At least of those critters, we have visible, scat and track proof. And, possibly Moose?

There are three trails addressed here. Walt’s trail, Cedric trail, and Dana’s trail. And, the dividing Porcupine trail.

This is part of a wonderful network of trails running from Wilton Road to Greenville Rd in Mason, NH. A complete map of linked trails is posted at the end of this post.

Yellow, Walt. Purple, Dana. Blue, Porcupine. Red, Cedric.

Parking is off Wilton Rd, in Mason, by the Tree Farm sign.

Look for the sign on the left if heading from Mason center on Wilton Rd.

Your visit begins down a woodland lane. Bobcat tracks crossed here last winter.

The trail system starts out with easy access to the four corner junction.

Three photos of the four corners.

The Walt trail is yellow diamond.
Head of Porcupine trail
This is near where I found the moose bone on Walt’s.
Trails are mostly easy to navigate.

Walt is where I found a buried deer carcass, winter 2023. Surrounded by bobcat tracks.

This was all that was left come spring.

Walt is lovely with a few easy hill climbs. Here comes a photo dump.

Porcupine Trail

I have not seen a Porcupine on this Trail, thankfully, however, the rock cliffs do look as if they might be perfect habitat.

The section by the cliffs can be tricky underfoot but easily traversed. The majority of the trail is easy going.

It is here that we pick up the linking Dana trail left toward Walt, right goes to Cedric.

Here comes another photo dump.

Dana, purple becomes the Cedric, red. There has been evidence of bears on the Cedric, but recent logging may have moved them out of the area.

The bobcat led me to a little vernal pool off trail. But these old laurels were too bonsai to leave out of this blog.

Here are maps of the complete network of trails. Ridge loop and Blueberry have not yet been blogged.

Blueberry trail leads across Greenville Rd to Potter trails.

The trails blogged here can be seen coming to Greenville Rd at the bottom of the map.

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