Hiking, snowshoeing, horses on sections.                                     Currently checking status of motorized and wheeled vehicles with New Ipswich and Temple police.

There are easier ways to get to the summit of Kidder Mtn if you go from the New Ipswich, NH side. Check out AllTrails. I prefer taking old Brown Rd from the Temple side. Perhaps a bit sadistic? Perhaps avoiding other hikers?                                        Parking at the end of Brown Rd.  is minimal, and there is often a terrifying, yet friendly, guardian yellow lab who lives near by, but 3 cars can easily park on the side of the road. Kidder is accessible from the Wapack trail off West Rd. but lately that is a bit overgrown, and seems to be little used.

There is a wonderful camp, at the beginning of Old Brown Road, which for many years has been well cared for. I am sure it was way out in the woods when first built. Sadly, we learned the owners recently passed away.

What a wonderful retreat.

Behind are the ruins of an old sheep barn.

A bit of interesting history:

it was in October, 1758, that the first settler, a man by the name of Joshua TODD, came over the mountain from Peterboro, to establish a home for himself and family in the southwestern portion of what is now the town of Temple, near Kidder mountain.  He probably followed the trail that had been cut through the southwestern corner of the township between Kidder mountain and Temple mountain some years before, for the purpose of moving artillery, troops and supplies at the time of the French and Indian Wars.  The section of the country was a vast wilderness.

From Brown Rd, Old Brown heads up hill, a good warm up.

While a little rocky in spots, a horse could easily navigate.

At the top of this climb is a 4 way junction.

Unfortunately, the  trip to Kidder was marred by 4 wheelers and dirt bikes.

Today I wanted to explore some side trail off the main route. I was VERY disappointed to see that 4 wheelers continue to dig up the trail.

The trail wanders down the old road toward New Ipswich.

We crossed a little creek, which fortunately now has water.

Great to see water
Your moment of Zen. Hope this works.

The old road continues through the woods. Until you reach the right turn toward the summit.

While the old road continues toward New Ipswich, we took a right and then, at the old log landing we took a left.

This sign was at the turn off of the trail from the old road to the Kidder trail.
Log landing. Bear left and get ready to climb.

And climb.

Our ire was raised as the 4 wheeler and dirt bike continued their quest to destroy the trail up to Kidder’s summit.

And so to the summit!

We met a few hikers who came up from the New Ipswich side. After enjoying the expansive views, extending to a view of the Boston sky line, we headed back down for a knee crunching descent.

We made it, though it looked as if the dirt bike almost wiped out on their way down.

An old road sign?

Kidder is a little over 1800 feet. It is a great hike with an impressive view. As we headed back down Old Brown Rd., the scream of fast moving ATVs could be heard on the road from West Rd.

And as always; Trees.