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I had a job.Those of you who followed my original blog: https://selfemployedagain.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/day-one/ know I once had a job I loved.

This day,  doing what I truly love, meant exploring the neighborhood close to a former boss, so she could join me.

We chose Mt. Pisgah Conservation area. About an hour from me, but worth the trip South.

We met at the trailhead on Smith Road near Berlin MA. It’s a quiet residential road. Please drive slowly.

The parking lot gets full. Many cars, some unloading kids and dogs, on leash. Dogs that is, not necessarily kids.

The kiosk at parking lot.

We had the best intentions of which trail to take but ended up doing a bit of wandering. Trails are not always clearly marked.

There were some signs, which came in handy when we got misplaced. Just not enough to keep us on track.

Fortunately, I have AllTrails Pro which kept us somewhat on track. AllTrails

We wandered through a beautiful wood where many Oaks had lost their tops. It led to a valley well worth exploring.

Bridges are well maintained.

The downhills were a bit slippery with the leaves. But that did not deter Patricia and Ruby.

There are some great stone walls.

And, adding a wonderful side bar to this trail. In Clinton you can enjoy the Wachusett dam, https://g.co/kgs/1p3Wba

and just down the road from there, the incredible abandoned railroad tunnel.