MODERATE. hiking, snowshoeing

Mountain Road in Sharon is usually closed from December 10 thru April 1. You can hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski down the road to the base of the trail. We did this hike before the road closed and before the snow.

There is plenty of parking at the base of the trail.

It doesn’t take long for this trail to start climbing.

There was some logging done some years ago, which has afforded some views on the way up. Given the elevation, a good excuse to catch your breath.

The trail continues to climb.

We passed some great outcroppings. I like to think a lot of critters will be tucking in here for the winter.

This is a good cardio climb, and a great way to connect with the Wapack.

Joining the Wapack, it is worth turning left and head toward Holt and Burton peaks.

Berry pasture trail avoids the parking crunch on Temple, Rd. in Sharon.

And you get to enjoy the view without quite so many people.

It was a bit slick the day we were out. We pulled over to let some hikers pass, telling them it was easier for them to come up then for us to slip down.

We met up with them at the parking lot. They laughed as they were huffing and puffing their way up. Our assessment of ease was not theirs. But then, they weren’t being dragged downward by a big Rusty dog.

I am always in awe of the stonewall builders who find impossible places to build.

And not sure what creature did this, but since I have seen much bear sign on the Wapack, thinking could be?

And, should your four legged friend need a drink, there is a pond at the base.

And of course, interesting trees.

Snow shoe and crosscountry skiing weather here now. Snowmobiles will be out, please be cautious, and enjoy the beauty of the woods. Off to do some tracking.