The white ledges off Kendall Hill Rd is a short hike, good for families if kids can be trusted near cliffs.


Hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, picnicking, xc skiing.

Parking is off the road. Logging Road heads East. Northern road just heads back to Rte. 45.

Sign of the times.

The road travels straight to the ledges. Past unexpected wildlife views,


behind a beautiful house and field.

There is a log landing to the left, the road continues past the barrier into a pine forest.

The forest has been thinned in the past few years.

Then it heads up the hill to the beautiful quartz ledges.

The view is gorgeous at your feet.

and East is surprising for such a short hike.

Misha found the only water on the trail. Silly puppy.

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