I could never live anywhere that did not have: stone walls, snow, moose AND BEAR!

We get visits twice a year, in the spring and fall. It is truly spring when the bear shows up. The other night it officially became fall.

I was on the phone with my adopted little brother. Andy. https://andrewgrahamphotography.com/

We were social distancing a celebratory cocktail. And then, the dogs started to bark.

Dog people learn dog language. This barking was definitely not “let me in.” barking.

“Andy, hold on, I have to get my Flashlight and get the dogs. I do not need another porcupine!”

Two setters under a tree, looking up, what do they see?

I am yelling for dogs. While Andy in CT listens in. Nothing shows in my light. Until. there up in the branches is the shadow of a young bear. Poor little guy. My springtime visitor probably told him it was a great place for a suet snack.

I was able to grab Smoke.

A&B rescue dog. An amazing bird dog. And I guess bear dog.

As I drag Smoke, a few feet, that little bear skiddybumped down the tree and across the paddock. Dodging spooking mares and away from the Rusty Red dog behind him.

All you naysayers about electric dog fencing. Even blasting after a young bear it stopped my wandering Rusty. Caveat. Bear broke fence which had to be patched.

Next day, in daylight. I scoped out the damage.

Tree rubs.

Guess he jumped the rock.

Statue before.

NH Fish and Game requests you pull feeders. Feeder was empty except for a block of suet for my friendly woodpeckers. I do not believe this little guy will be back. And Andy had a most interesting phone call.

And, an interesting aside. Rusty won’t go out at dark without my protection. Brave boy.