EASY.                                                        hiking, snowshoeing.

In 2019 the Monadnock Conservancy, http://monadnockconservancy.org purchased this 99-acre property.

The parking lot off Cunningham Pond Rd in Peterborough, NH is small, and fits about 4 or 5 cars.

The trails are relatively new and well marked.

The trails were creatively laid out by Rick Brackett, land manager for the Conservancy, and Lew Shelley of SnowHawk LLC, an independent trail design and construction firm. Most of the labor to build the trails was supplied by teams of young volunteers from the Student Conservation Association. thesca.org.

monadnock conservancy.

Ruby who doesn’t like to get her paws wet, appreciates them.

Gina’s dog Misha, and My Rusty dog prefer the water.

We explored all the trails. Be aware, the Goyette nature trail, which is an off shoot, does travel down the road for a short bit.

We preferred the trail up the hill, to the field and down the carriage lane by the lake. EXCEPT for one incident!

The pond trail can be accessed from the other side of the field.
My dear friend is Terrified! of snakes. Her scream almost wiped out this blogger with a heart attack. On their side; I believe we interrupted a very private moment.

The trail to the hay field, now maintained by the Connolly Bros. (best ice cream in the world) https://g.co/kgs/7g8yMG.  is my favorite.

“The property was owned by Walter Peterson and his family. Peterson was NH Governor from 1968-1972. His cabins held a collection of hunting gear and artwork. Many of which ran through the Cobbs auctioneers of Peterborough”.http://thecobbs.com

“The auction featured a portion of the sporting collection of the late Walter and Helen Peterson, Nashua, N.H., and was filled to the brim with rare books, quality fly-rods, trophy mounts and numerous pieces of artwork.

The highlight of the auction came as a Phillip Russell Goodwin oil on canvas, entitled, “Unexpected Game,” crossed the auction block. The painting was cataloged as being in untouched original condition and was said to have been in the Peterson collection since the 1920s.

The rare painting, … sold after active bidding…for $143,750.  The National Museum of American Illustrators, Newport, R.I., was the successful buyer.” http://americanillustration.org    My husband and I were delighted to personally deliver it to them.

And in the perfect location, my dream house!

The view from the field is surprisingly delightful.

Forcing ourselves to leave nirvana, we headed down toward the old carriage road along Cunningham Pond.

And Misha of course took a dip!

And back toward the trail to the parking lot.

A paws for a chipmunk. Ruby and Rusty harnesses courtesy of Ruffwear.

This is a delightful short walk and very popular with hikers and dog owners. For more information check out the monadnock conservancy and consider donating to them.