I was looking for a Doberman. With ears. Found one, but we knew there was something sketchy about it, when they called for payment for transport, without ever asking for references.

We have adopted many English Setters from A&B setter rescue. http://esrescue.org and I had seen a silly looking dog posted as a courtesy post. She definitely had ears!

Was she too silly looking?

I passed on her, but her little face kept haunting me.

And those eyes…

And those Jurassic paws!

I succumbed. Two years ago, I drove down to Hartford CT to pick up my little Georgia Peach from her transport.

It did not take her long to adjust to our other A & B dogs, and life at my office. She was a hit.

She became a model.

Decided she didn’t really like snow.

Or rain.

Lost her best friend from rat poison. NOT FROM US!

Gained a new best friend.

And became infamous as one of the stars of this blog. mikicc.org

Ruby Begonia, as she was called in Georgia. became Ruby Tuesday. Her wonderful foster/rescue Mom has become a friend, and I have posted her comments below.

And Ruby, relishing no longer being in a shelter, takes full advantage of creature comforts.

Thank you to all who had a part in bringing this perfect dog into my life. AND HAPPY ADOPTION DAY!

Ruby Begonia had been in the local animal shelter for 6 months. Simply being overlooked as a brown and black mutt in a shelter housing approximately 200 dogs. Brown and Black mutts are overlooked in the South. Ruby was discovered by a local rescue person who saw what a gem she was. She fell in love with Ruby’s big ears, big brown eyes and brindle and black coat. She brought Ruby home and fell in love with her personality. Ruby’s rescuer was able to promote her as an honorary setter through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue. As a result of the National exposure, Ruby found her forever home.

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