Mason/Greenville NH                               EASY.                                                        Walking, biking, snow shoeing, xc skiing and snowmobiling, great horseback riding on rail trail and logging road. No wheeled motorized vehicles.

As promised in, I ventured out, in search of my missing green leash.

I parked on Pratt Pond road yet again. My hope was that someone had found it and hung it on the road barrier. No luck. A first for me! I WAS DOG LESS!

In the finally slightly mudded rail trail, was evidence of a well shod horse. I took the cut off but not before stopping to watch, and listen to a goose fight. In all my years by wood and pond I have never seen a goose fight. My telephoto could not pick up any good photos to post. Trust me when I say the noise and violence seemed fitting for 2020.

The scene of the fight.

After taking the side trail, previously posted, and realizing the leash was not to be found, I took the logging road to the left when I came to the junction.

Note, no dogs seen in this picture.

I had already clocked about 6 miles hiking with a friend in MA. Since I was adding to that mileage, I was very glad to be heading back down the rail trail.

So, no leash. But a good exploration of some great trails. Can’t wait to join some friends on horseback and ride them. My old mares might think differently.

Calypso, 25. Rhumba 24.


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