Target only for this lady.

Heads up hikers. Rifle season in NH starts this Wednesday, November 11 and runs through December 6.

Be sure and wear Orange. Photo courtesy Patricia Nesto.

Rifle in MA starts November 30th and runs through December 12th. with no hunting on Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Patricia Nesto

VT rifle is November 14th, through the 29th.

Gina and Misha, dressed for our hike.

ME rifle is November 2 through November 28. No Sundays.

Due to wasting disease you may not bring a deer shot in NY into VT or MA.

My Caly girl.

Stay safe. Carry in. Carry out. And, please wear a mask in public.

Mask from Meg Studio.

Glasses courtesy of the Eyeglass Lass, Groton, Ct.

Old eyes courtesy of a life well lived.