Hiking, snowshoeing

I can hike it better than spell it. It is just under 2000 feet, and one of my favorite, somewhat easy hikes.

Located in Hancock NH it is under the protection of the Harris Center. Just a bit of the 23,000 acres they protect.

I’ve look at Skat from both sides now.

The Old Dublin Road side is a bit more challenging than the Harris Center side. I will take you up the Harris Center side. Later, we will navigate the other side and then onward to Thumb mountain. Might make that a separate blog for those looking for a more strenuous hike.

Keep an eye out as you head up the trail. A local artist has been at work.

Work in progress.
This little guy might, according to the artist, be his next subject.

The trail is relatively easy with only one sketchy section.

If I weren’t holding leashes this would be staff worthy.
Some areas require a little more focus. Look at that handsome guy.
And. If the weather gets bad? All you need is a tarp.

We crossed a stone wall.

And found this pipe running down the mountain? Anyone know what its purpose might be? Please post if you know.

And up to the view.

Thanks to my friend Marcey for joining me on this adventure.

And please remember, it is hunting season right now. Protect your loved ones.