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I wanted to start cataloging some of the Trails in the Heald tract.

See post of May 18, 2020.

I loved Phil and miss him often.. He used to bemoan the fact that his sister logged the property adjacent to his. Both vast lands are now part of the Society for the Protection of NH state forests. While I appreciate the time spent hiking and hunting at Heald I know Phil would be furious to see the logging destruction going on. Many of the trails are almost impossible to navigate

I have seen logging operations by Granite State Logging and others. I understand there is going to be slash but the after effects do not need to be nearly as disastrous. A lot of Heald looks as if it has been bombed.

Ruby, Rusty and I decided to navigate the Upper Fisk Hill trail. There is a Lower Trail, if you don’t feel energetic, the view from the hill is worth it. Will post more specifics on another day, after I rant.

When Phil was alive there used to be a mowed trail filled with grass, where turkeys used to nest. Now it is weeds.

Two woodcock covers are gone.

This little lady was nesting last year.

Some of the most peaceful wooded trails are now nothing but slash.

Not sure what this is about. If anyone knows please do tell.

Rant over for now. I am not against logging. But please respect the land. Do not just take the money trees and leave.