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The Cider Mill trail is off route 130 in Brookline NH. I will have to keep looking for the mill. If anyone knows where it is I would love to know.

There are many off shoots from the main trail.
There is ample parking. Enough room for a horse trailer
Bring a picnic!

The trails are for the most part well marked by the Brookline Icebreakers. Hiking is relatively easy. Great for horses and used by many equestrians.

I had not been on this trail for a couple of years and the nearby farmland is now a subdivision. The trail goes right behind a couple of the houses.
This is the rock AllTrails shows on it’s listing.

Walking for the most part is easy.

We got a little turned around near the Holbrook trail and the trail to Sawtell Rd, and had to reference our map.

If you are on horseback I would recommend bypassing the bridge.

We are currently suffering a drought. Normally there would be water for dogs but even the pond is dried up. Would recommend bringing water for all.

This pond is normally full of Lilly pads, frogs and turtles.
Hunting season starts in September so please dress appropriately.