We here in New Hampshire are VERY fortunate to have a great, tireless and successful group to help us get our wayward friends back home.

Granite State Dog recovery recently posted rules for helping stray dogs:

Please share far and wide! We’re finding it more and more difficult to help lost dogs because of the problems we have run into when trying to obtain lost dog sightings. So, here is some lost dog education on what to do if you think you’ve spotted a lost dog.

As you can see, there are fewer “DO’S” than “DON’TS” and here’s why…all we need from the public is information. We don’t need help physically recovering (yet). Not because we want to be heroes but because recovering a lost dog is somewhat of an art. One wrong move and the dog could move on or worse.

Sightings(information) of a lost dog allow us to know where to start or keep track of a lost dog’s movements. If you choose not to comply with this list and find yourself pursuing the “DON’TS” column, you have not only caused this dog fear and flight but you could most likely cause owners and organizations like GSDR to have to start over in the recovery process. You will have wasted all the time already put into the recovery and caused the dog to spend yet another night away from home.

We do understand there are well meaning people trying to help but we need the public to be more educated on lost dog prevention and recovery so ALL lost dogs can be found.

For more tips please visit our “Helpful Hints” album in the photos.

-Team Granite State Dog Recovery

Please consider donating to GSDR and check out some of their wonderful rescue stories on YouTube.

Have a rescue near you that deserves a shout out? Let me know and we will check them out.

Rescued Ruby sleeps well knowing Granite State Dog Recovery is out there.