The Harris Center, Cadot trail


Hiking, snowshoeing

I enjoy hiking Skatutekee from Old Dublin Road. The trail less traveled.

The trail from the Harris center parking lot has already been posted.

This is the access to Skatutakee from the other side. Old Dublin Road in Hancock. The trip to the trailhead from either direction is worth the trip alone. A beautiful,  mostly dirt road with woods, fields, and lovely old houses and barns.

Park at the kiosk, leaving access to the old road. More information, and to donate to this amazing group may be found at

Recently the trail was renamed to honor of Meade Cadot. and his wife.

The first bit is a gradual upward climb, a peaceful walk. Rocky in some spots. When leaves have fallen, the footing can be a little treacherous as it is hard to see the rocks underneath.

I did keep my two companions on leash as requested.

There are some noteworthy trees along the way. I do love trees!

Many of my prior noteworthy trees are gone now, but I managed to find more.

The following are 2023 photos.

At the end of the road the trail turns right and heads upward, gradually getting steeper.

After some huffing and puffing; this side is steeper, faster, with a bit more climbing.

The view, updated for 2023.

And just for fun, some random pictures.

I did not travel up to Thumb this trip, 2023, but will later. Years ago, I did add Thumb to my hike from Skatutakee.  I will do the climb as I get in prime hiking shape, and perhaps on a less slippery day.  Back when I originally posted this trail, I  did go to Thumb. I found the trail head and headed onward, and upward.

This is a wonderful addition and recommended. The trail meanders through differing landscapes. Note, some heavy uphill climbing. Which. I proudly announce was not that difficult this time. Fitter.

And so to the summit.. The view from Thumb is better.

Thoreau’s quote, “Simplicitysimplicitysimplicity“, sums it up. Thoreau believed that to live life to its fullest, people needed to simplify, to get rid of unnecessary material possessions and even unnecessary socializing. … 

Rereading Thoreau.
Some friends along the way
The creature of Thumb Mountain.
Nature made her own foundation. Or, because it is almost Halloween…could it be a grave,?

Getting out in the woods with Ruby and Rusty has made me fitter and healthier. 

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