Hiking, snowshoeing, xc skiing horseback riding. Great for kids.

I was privileged to join in on the trail work going on on this lovely little trail. It is being cleaned up and expanded by the Temple Conservation Commission. The hope is that it will be utilized by hikers as well as schools and equestrians. I was there to give equestrian input. The trail is off North Road near the Temple Lynborough town line.

Scott Hecker is working on a new trail map. It will highlight intriguing spots along the trail.

Note to equestrians. There is one treacherously rocky section which they hope to fix. It is only about 3 ft. and can be navigated with caution.

this is where it is very rocky.
When the light hits this right it looks like a Brahma bull. This is on the Swamp loop section.

Thankyou to Scott Hecker and Eric Foley for an amazing educational hike. And thankyou for asking for my input regarding horse friendly trails.