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Andres has upgraded their parking. Please note parking is no longer where noted below.

Great for kids, wheelchair and stroller accessible on road. Hiking, snowshoeing, xc skiing.

And, if you do try to park there? You shall see this sign.

The Andres Institute of Art is one of the most interesting and versatile hikes close to me. It has everything. A road to the sculpture studio which makes part of the park wheelchair accessible. However, I am not sure how access will be with new parking. Research to be done.

Parking has moved a little further North on Rte. 13.

There is a large paved parking lot and trail access is off of there. Enjoy.

Former entrance gate

New parking is closer to “Big Bear Lodge” Behind the chinese restaurant.

Many trails of varying difficulty all with fascinating stone and metal sculptures produced in the Brookline NH studio by artists from all over the world.

There is a brief history posted. Chronicalling the history of the area from Abenaki Indians to a ski Mountain to Mr. Andres purchase.
Here in full but please tilt.

It is fascinating to see the sculptures and then read about the artist and what country they are from. Often very telling.

This is a great hike for kids as there are many interactive sculptures. Dogs are allowed on leashes but please bring your own poop bags.

Fortunately there are many interpretive sculptures to promote awe and discussion.

There are great places to sit and eat a picnic lunch. PLEASE carry out.

Or just relax and enjoy the view.

There are whimsical sculptures as well.

And of course I must find the horse.

And Rusty had to find a chipmunk. No lives lost.
and these guys were just cute.
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For more information or to make a donation go to andresinstitute.org