Located in Swanzey, NH, home to many covered bridges. It is off Rte 32 South.

Between 24,000 and 14,000 years ago, according to the Vermont Geologic Survey, the Laurentide ice sheet, which had covered New England, began a slow retreat due to warming temperatures, leaving in its wake millions of rocks and boulders, including the Tipping Rock.

This trail is full of wonderful cliffs and of course the famous TIPPIN rock. The way up to the rock is easy footing.

It tips!

This is a Monadnock Conservancy trail. Please enjoy, and consider donating to our local conservancy.

Parking is across from Chebaco dog kennel. We set the dogs off and the proprietor came out to check on what was causing the ruckus. She did not seem upset, just curious. There is only space for about 4 cars. You cross the field into the woods, and there you will find the kiosk.

This is an easy walk, albeit my winter fitness had me huffing and puffing. We only brought Ruby on this trip as she is being treated for Hypothyroid and it was her reward for being back to her old self. You can see the gradual climb here and the footing.

The trail up to the rock is easy though a long slow hill climb.

In wet conditions, there is one section that might cause issues for some as there is a minor wood crossing.

The woodpeckers had been busy in this beautiful pine forest. Reminds me of the beautiful woods in Abbot State Park which unfortunately are slated for logging. Let us hope these get to be enjoyed for years to come.

and the slow climb continues.

A bit of colour amongst the brown and white.

As we ascended we noticed this lovely ice flow to our right.

I thought of Jack MacWhorter who did all the lovely carvings on the Harriskat trail in Hancock.

After about a mile we reached the rock. 40 tons of it. The tipping is slight, and it has been told that one can possibly crack an acorn with it if pushed in the right spot. Can you imagine, years ago, some tired soul leans up against the side, perhaps to take a drink of water, and it rocks underneath. Would certainly frighten me! And how can you not love a rock that is so expressive? Those faces.

From Tippin we decided to take a trail not quite so well travelled. Thank goodness we did, as it is more impressive than even the Tippin Rock.

The Tippin Rock is behind us. This trail is on the map at the Kiosk. Not as easy going. BUT….


The trail didn’t even miss with a view, as if the cliffs were not enough.


BUT….Wait for it. Check this out!!!

The trail then goes down a very steep switchback to the base of another cliff.

It ends, as indicated on the kiosk map, but one can loop over to the main trail if adventuresome. Not recommended. Due to icy conditions, we decided not to try and navigate back up.

This trail has a lot to offer, is not extremely long, and is a delight, especially when the leaves do not interfere with the view.

Want more information: Check out the article in the Valley News.