Easy, good for children, horses, bikers,does join snowmobile trails. Snow shoeing, cross country skiing.

We drive by this trailhead often on our way to Costco and Trader Joe’s. I have always wanted to explore.

This day, we jumped in the car and  drove, what seemed to be a long way, to Hollis. Probably 20 minutes, but the BMW behind me wished I had turned off sooner. Lately, the cops are everywhere and I try not to go more than 8 mph over the speed limit. Perhaps I saved them a ticket?

There is plenty of parking off the side of the road. (rte 130) and the trail is well identified.

Lewis and Angelina (Rideout) lived at 31 Rideout Road in the house that was occupied by 4 generations of Rideouts starting with James Rideout Jr. He was Selectman between 1919 and 1926.

The trail is wide and an easy walk through wetlands, by a couple of vernal pools and a variety of woodlands. Beware, even mid march, I was forewarned of black flies to come in one section.

There is a beautiful creek and wetlands which should soon be alive with life. I could imagine the peepers!

One of the snowmobile signs indicates the route to the Nashua river. I find it interesting that the river flows NORTH to the Merrimac river.

The trail forked and I noticed a yellow arrow pointing to the left. Thinking perhaps it was an indicator for a previous managed outing, we ignored it and went right. DON’T follow me. It is closed off.

We met a couple biking the trail and a delightful 83 year old gentleman who used to own an English Setter named Veronica. Of course we had to stop and share dog stories!

As the day was waning, we decided to turn around before the road crossing.

The wind was also picking up. Watching Red Pines dance in the wind makes my heart sing.

Tap to open.

If you want an easy walk or ride in the woods. Go explore. The trail goes behind a couple of houses, and due to bike traffic, would recommend keeping your dog on leash. Ruby hates it. I loop her leash with Rusty’s.

Wonder how long that tree will stand?