I love winter! Especially snowy ones. I love how it sparkles. I love it when it is blue. I love it when it looks like Marshmallow Fluff.

With the first snow, and every dusting thereafter, I add a tracking hike on top of my treks with Rusty and Ruby. One cannot track with dogs.

This Covid year, being self employed, I have indulged in a tracking course in Northern Maine, and a variety of webinars and YouTube videos to feed my addiction. (Check out the links below)

Last month I posted about the fun had tracking in Jackman,ME. with Dan. Jackman is beautiful and one should definitely check out. Here is the link to the blog I posted. Mikicc.org/LeadwithNature.

And snow! Thank you Mother Nature! What a wonderful time is had! Lots and lots of tracks to follow. It has been such a great February for snow!

The snow is crusty now and harder to follow tracks. Cameras are out and will be adding more adventures. Perhaps more love stories? Mikicc.org.alovestory

In the meantime, checkout these great places:

Leadwithnature.com, Dan Gardoqui is a great teacher. I have taken three tracking courses with him.

ayellowstonelife.com, George is a sculpture and guide and a wealth of knowledge. I just finished a webinar on listening to the sounds of nature.

birdmentor.com, Kristi led me, through her webinar, to many of the amazing people listed here. I hope she has another soon.

naturetracking.com, Dan, led me here and it is a great asset in the field.

trackerschool.com, I started out tracking as a kid reading Tom Brown Jr. books.

johnmuirlaws.com, Oh, go to Youtube and down the rabbit hole. Such fun! I am finally learning how to draw. He makes it easy!

www.neforests.com, Another rabbit hole, and this one is local in MA. Tom Wessels is a wealth of plant knowledge and Ray Asselin’s photography and narration about Mt. Tom is fascinating.

harriscenter.org, I love the Harris Center. My famous daughter, Hamilton Bennett was married there. I have blogged about many of their properties.

monadnockconservancy.org, I explore their protected lands in my own back yard, and often blog about them.

nature.org. I have donated to the Nature Conservancy for years.