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Hiking, snowshoeing,  mountain biking, horseback riding, xc skiing, fishing.

In a perfect world my mares, dogs and I would live abutting Casalis State Forest and environs.

Energetic explorers can traverse trails from Peterborough to Sharon, to Temple. Casalis links to nearby protected lands giving it a gem to explore over many days.

Hard to see. Forgot my telephoto; but there are three otters sunning on the log.

The entrance trail is well used. After passing the marsh and heading up a slight incline, the trail splits. The loop trail to the left is beautiful and runs along the creek.  Check out this trail on AllTrails. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/new-hampshire/casalis-forest-trail-loop

Thought would be fun to share some winter pictures along the creek. It is a beautiful trail and very impressive that mountain bikers can navigate while we slipped along with grippers.

Have never seen frozen before. Looks like pancakes.

Going straight will bring you to the creek. This is where the loop trail comes out.

Even dancing ferns!

Work in progress.

The footing for horses gets a bit sketchy in spots but can be navigated.

There were areas which, when not suffering from drought, might be muddy.

This trail runs into the Mountain Road/Condy Road extension. Condy is fenced off, but turn Right to explore the beautiful trails of the Nichols, Cabot and other contiguous properties.  The climbing can get steep. The road will not loop back to the parking lot.

As always, have to add some just for fun shots.