Strollers, horses. Walking, bicycles.

Looking for an easy hike? There was evidence of stroller tyres. Nusdorfer Nature preserve located off 123 in New Ipswich NH, is scenic and an easy walk down a dirt road.

As it is a nature preserve wildlife abounds. We saw a fox kit and a big black bear came out in front of us to scratch on a telephone pole.

There were a couple of off shoot trails which we did not explore in the heat. For a muggy afternoon sticking to the easy lane seemed best.

There wasn’t much information regarding the Nusdorfers. Austrian beer makers and educators from what I could gather. This used to be an ATV gathering place and 15 years ago it was not an area I would recommend.  Kudos to New Ipswich and the neighboring sand pit owners for posting and policing. As evidenced, the wildlife appreciates it also.