Moderate to difficult. Hiking, snowshoeing

The master trail creator

Ted Bonner of Greenfield NH. You can always count on his trails to lead you near babbling brooks, through narrow gaps, to spectacular views. His artistry is not only evident on Ted and Carolyn’s trail but also Pugatory Falls in Wilton and Lyndebourogh as well as many others in the area. Carolyn was his beloved artist wife who he lost too soon.

I usually take Ted’s trail up and Carolyn’s down off North Pack. Rather than gush about how much my kids and I enjoy this hike I will let the myriad of photos speak for themselves.

The trail doesn’t start to climb at first and seems deceptively easy. But soon the fun begins. It passes into the Wapack. You can also get here from the Wapack parking lot down the road.

So now for lots of photos. Ted loves to have water featured on his trails. This trail does not disappoint.

There is a nerve wracking passage by the waterfall that is quite spectacular.  Ruby chose to go around.

Near the summit the rocks change from granite to more variety.  Geologists in the group, would love classification.

the way back

I took Ted’s trail and joined up with Carolyn’s.

Enjoy. Let me know how you like Ted’s handiwork. Please like and share and carry in carry out.