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What a gem. We were the only ones on the trail! Located in Sharon NH off McCoy road. The town forest is 900 acres contiguous with much more protected land nearby. This is a lovely 2.7 mile hike.

We parked on the opposite side of McCoy from the entrance.

The trail is mostly well marked and was clear, however, it has not been used enough to keep the trails clear and is getting overgrown. It travels down the old logging road to the old log landing to where the trail loop begins. We rousted a Tom Turkey in what is now tall grass. I always enjoy watching them fly.

Little Misha as a pup. She is now all grown up with two upstanding ears.

There are some stream crossings but easily navigated.


A most wonderful beaver pond. My friend Gina’s GS Misha, loves the mud and water. She always brings us joy in her exuberance.

Happy Misha!