Be sure and check out Potter Trail Extended.

Mason, Greenville, NH.

Hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, wildlife, easy walking.

I have tried to hike this trail, and always seemed to end up in the wrong parking lot. Look for the trail sign silly. I did today, and except for Rusty pulling my arm out being forced to be on the leash, it is delightful. I took the wrong turn starting out as I was focusing on ice, not trail. The homeowners probably have had this issue before. Bear to the left when you leave the parking area. Look for the flamingo.

The upper trail travels through pine forests, deciduous forests, past wonderful old stone walls, some quite massive and impressive. There are areas that probably back in sheep days had marvelous views. They are still there but hidden behind trees. The views would be gone if the leaves were out.

And here is where it gets delightful. Back in 2020, I did the short, left hand trail. It dead ended. There seemed to be a trail to the left. Perhaps the one that loops around the swamp and comes back to the road further East? This section to be further explored on a dryer day. HOWEVER!!! The trail has been continued from here and kudos to the group that did it. It is lovely, easy walking and such a peaceful trip through the woods. Rather than extend this blog to explore both trails, go to: for posting of the trail to the left.

The Potter trail is courtesy of Bronson Potter,

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So excited the left trail has been so beautifully extended.
you can see why I started off badly. The trail to the right goes to a house. Bear left here.
This is where I turned around on the righthand trail. It may now loop around.. I believe this could be private property. Though no signs posted.
For those who like to play on rocks.
For those who want to sit.
This meadow, I believe is private property. There are trails leading off it which may link to the new trail. Possibly Bronson Potters airstrip?
Spring time hiking can be a challenge. No grippers today, but did have Bean boots.
Rusty contemplating dragging me through the muck.
A cool snag against a beautiful sky.
Ruby does not like water. She pronged over this. Rusty lay down in it.
When I see a beautiful wall like this I wonder what the history might be.
Did not find a foundation near by. But what a cool gate.
Campground just off the trail. Happily NO garbage.