Snowmobiles, hiking, snowshoeing, Mtn biking, horses, easy walking. Great for fit children. Great views.


Easier walking and riding might be access from the Scout Rd entrance, weather permitting.  Scout is an unmaintained Class VI road. April, drove up there. Really do need 4 wheel drive.  Parking at either entrance could be an issue with groups or horse trailers. It is recommended you scout out before committing. That being said. This network of trails is worth it!

We parked on the side of Mountain Rd. Even the drive up there is worth the trip. Check out the house on the rock on your right on your way.  There is a small pull off near the trail head. Please do not block driveways and respect landowners.

The trail from Mountain Rd travels along a stone wall toward a lovely brook.

One immediately relishes the peacefulness out here. While some climbing is necessary the footing is excellent, and the majority of the way is wide enough to walk side by side.

We were here during the week. There did not seem to be much evidence of 4 wheelers, but it might be an issue.

There is a lovely creek crossing and a good place to pause as you begin your adventure to Rose Mtn and Pinnacle peak.

This old tree hung on to the rocks for as long as possible.

Even though it was March, there were remnants of snow.

Our track took us to Pinnacle, then Lyndeborough, then Rose mountains. As the leaves were not yet out every one of them had wonderful views.

The slope upward is not bad. You are only going up to about 1700 feet with a gain of less than 1000 from Mountain Rd.

We did some wandering on Pinnacle. The area is beautiful, but sadly looks as if the hemlock have succumb to the Hemlock wooly Adelgid.

What is great about this trail is the variety. Each peak is different. The trails are easy walking and trek through a variety of landscapes.

So, we leave our first enjoyment of Pinnacle, knowing we will enjoy again on the way back.

From Pinnacle we get into snowmobile territory. Signage is much better. We head toward Rose.

Here the trails are a bit wider and more worn. How I would love to bring my mares here.

Lyndeborough Mtn is a typical middle child and unappreciated as everyone mentions Pinnacle, the first, and Rose the third, at least in the direction we chose.

This is where Scout rd comes in. But as mentioned, that is a difficult park/drive.

Summit trail to Lyndeborough mtn.

Cool old trail drag. Complete with its own educational signage.

On to the last leg and Rose.

As always, we saw some great trees.

And great rocks and stone walls.

And evidence of humans.

How do they get cars in these places?

The gang is always ready for the next adventure.

Not for navigation.