Two days of outdoors in 16 degree weather seemed to take some ummff out of this blogger.

So, snuck upstairs with my doggie friends and channel surfed.

Found a gem. Grey Owl, staring the environmentalist; Pierce Broznan. Not too bad on the eyes either.

Richard Attenborough can always be counted on for environmentally proper films. I believe he produced and directed.

Also not too bad on the eyes, one of my favorites; Nathaniel Arcand. Heartland fans will recognize him as Dr. Scott Cardinal.

The fact that this movie is based on a true story makes it that much more enjoyable. Check it out if you can. I believe it is available on Amazon as well as other places.

Archibald Stansfeld Belany was an intriguing person. The film version of him was much more forgiving as he seemed to be quite a character. He was, in my eyes, even more good looking than Pierce Brosnan. Sacrilege to some of you I am sure.

Take a break. Watch a movie. Google Grey Owl.