Great for kids.

Hiking, Snowshoeing, picnic tables. PLEASE CARRY IN, CARRY OUT. lots of trash.

This lovely trail does not show up on AllTrails. I shall try and add it in the next few weeks.

There is plenty of parking. Covered picnic tables over look a meadow. People need to appreciate the area. Much trash, and graffiti.

Trails are well maintained and well marked.

The rocks in this area are quite interesting.

The dogs found this boulder fascinating.
We humans liked this one.

We saw a lost friend on the way up the hill.

Approaching Burns Hill the woods change. We wondered why, but unfortunately we found out. The disrespect shown on the picnic tables had carried into the woods.

The view is surprisingly delightful.

We came down, passing an old trail stairway.

Wanting to explore we took the trail to Badger Hill drive. We stopped and turned around, not wanting to travel near roads with dogs. It is a very pretty walk and worth the out and back.

Some sections were a bit soggy much to Misha’s delight.

The rock falls were fun for Ruby and Misha. They both love to climb.

We found the magic flute!

And lots of fairy houses.

There were a couple of bridges.

And of course; Trees!

As I left the parking lot, with my bag of empty beer cans, behold a remnant from the bygone era here.

Until the ice melts. Photo courtesy of Misha’s person, Gina.