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Unfortunately, ran out of time before this goal oriented person could find out where the other end of the trail lay.

Anyone familiar with the Townsend State Forest? Would love to know where we were headed.

Townsend State Forest is huge and after checking more complete maps at home I think turning around was the right choice. Later, as I explored the Townsend Quarry loop trail I figured out where we would have come out.

I picked the Quarry loop trail off AllTrails I DO NOT recommend this trail. Most of the Townsend Forest is perfect for hiking and riding (mountain bikes and horses) but not this trail. There is a lot of broken glass and some sections are VERY rocky.

The Rock piles made for perfect nesting sights and some were very interesting.

But the glass and the neighbors turned me back. Perhaps we will return to snowshoe this winter?

At least I know where we would have come out. And yes, the rail road bed was there.
Not cleared all the way, but this leads to Mason.