Moderate to hard


We parked in the ample parking lot on Farrington Road, off Rte. 136 in Francestown, NH.

Our goal was the East Mountain trail via the Link trail.

There are many loop trails, should you want a shorter, less challenging trek.

The Link trail was also built by Ted Bonner of Ted and Carolyn’s trail fame. (Mikispicks has reviewed Ted and Carolyn’s in a prior post.)

The trails are well marked. We only got paused when we were looking at all the Lady Slippers and not following markers.

A sturdy bridge provides a respite to enjoy the pond.

It is a little rough walking by the beaver dam.

There is a blind overlooking the swamp for bird watching.

Of course, Ruby had to check it out. Notice wood duck box in background.

An open meadow where Ruby obediently halted when we saw a porcupine.

There are some beautiful old trees which look to be quite healthy.

The trail in spots is rocky and steep. We hiked counter clockwise. Given the rocky climbing, I would recommend that direction.

There are wonderful rock formations. I once saw a buzzard’s nest among them. Confess it was a bit spooky.

My wonderful hiking companions, my son and his girlfriend.

And so we begin our descent.  We passed on the loop to the West Summit as lunch was calling. Greenfield has some great places to grab a bite.

Could this be the son of the old man in the mountain? My photos do not do him justice.  If you get a better photo please post