I usually like to travel the trails that are not frequented by a lot of people. My hikes are time for reflection, thought and perhaps a quiet conversation with a friend.

The other day we drove through Hollis NH, passing a flock of cars that looked as if someone was having a party. Cars from Massachusetts and Connecticut outnumbered those from New Hampshire.

No party, just people going for a hike. How can one socially distance in the woods when there are hundreds of people on the trail. Well the Beaver Brook association thought the same. Beaver Brook is not closed in all three towns; Hollis, Brookline and Milford.

I am appalled at how few people are taking this socially distancing, or as the Governor of CA calls it, physical distancing, seriously. So sad that Beaver Brook has had to close. My advice. Heed their recommendation and instead of cramming the trails. Donate money to them.

Beaver Brook is now open. However. This pandemic will not allow us to be complacent. PLEASE respect the distancing and mask wearing. I understand masks are hot when hiking. My confession. If I am not in sight of people, or if I am on the back of a horse, I do not wear mine. HOWEVER!!! If upon my hike I see someone coming toward me, I either move way off the trail, or put my mask on. Please do the same. This will not get better unless we are vigilant. Enjoy the woods. Carry your trash out. Wear your mask. AND if you enjoy the Beaver Brook trails. PLEASE DONATE!